Enhance Photographs with a Custom Frame

Picture frames should never detract from the photographs they hold. The purpose of a frame is to compliment the photo, or meld into the background so the picture is the focal point. Picking up an ordinary cheap black plastic frame from a department store may be convenient, but will do nothing to enhance the photograph. Pictures of milestones, special events, the whole family, children, or grandchildren are hung in the home to accentuate the decor and reflect the personality of occupants. They deserve to be placed in custom picture frames that are fit to specific measurements, have borders that bring out colors, and match the existing decor of the room or office.

Taking a picture into a shop to be custom framed can get expensive. It also requires leaving the picture at that location. People can save time and money by purchasing custom frames online. The process is quick and easy, and pictures stay in the possession of the owner. The cost is lower due to volume sales so custom framing is more affordable than most people will expect. All frames will come with acrylic glazing instead of glass. The acrylic is clearer, lightweight, and shatter resistant. Those conditions not only save money on shipping costs, but also provide increased safety when the frame is displayed.

Enter in the dimensions of the picture to be framed. Select the picture mounts desired. That can be no inner mat, a single layer, or a double layer, depending on the person wants the picture highlighted. No mat means the picture extends to all the corners of the frame. A single layer is one color that is placed between the picture and the outer edges of the frame. A double layer can include a trim in a different shade of the mat color, or an entirely different color. This process works well with smaller pictures. The larger frame captures attention and the double layer of mats draws the eye to the center where the picture is displayed.Select the style and material of the frame from a multitude of options. Barefaced frames, light or dark wood, metal, bronze, silver, gold, or several color choices. The width of the frame needs to be indicated as well. Once the perfect frame is selected, orders are shipped within one to three business days.


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